• "Tha Bottom Line" by Hope Lynette is a great read. She easily captures the lifestyle of go get'em women of Los Angeles from business to pleasure. I cannot say enough about the way Hope Lynette brings you into the mind of Skye the lead character and Skye's sister Bethany. Skye is a young successful business woman with serious love pains coupled with love actuality. She is caught in the middle of her future and past; Nate and Trevor. Don't let me start with Trevor. Ladies he is everything you want a man to be. He is sexy, well-off, and good in bed. Bethany, equally as talented as Skye, is also equally as tempted between the past and the now; Donald and Bruce. Bethany tells it like it is and keeps it moving. Let's hope these women realize the bottom line and choose correctly. My only criticism is that I already want the next installment by Hope Lynette.

    Carla F. Butler Amazon Customer
  • The characters in this book are living their lives to the fullest!!! Skye is a take charge woman who is motivated in all aspects of her life. Trevor is a bold chaismatic man who knows how to please a woman physically, mentally, and emotionally. When these characters path collide be ready for an explosion of a lifetime!! This book is defintely a page turner based in sunny Southern California. I could not put it down!!

    Joanne Amazon Customer
  • from beginning to end this book had me on the edge of my bed, Skye, who made me love and hate her at certain parts of the book is one devine character!!!! if you need some entertainment skye will have you begging for more!!!!!!

    Brittney Amazon Customer

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