Powerful Lessons I Learned About Life From the Movie Coco

Powerful Lessons I Learned About Life from the Movie Coco

Movies have a way in that they can be entertaining and informative about life. I am always pleasantly surprised when I come across a movie that teaches me, reminds me of something I already knew, and entertain me.  The latest family movie that I went to did a good job of encompassing all three of these things for me into the movie.


I took my daughter to see the movie Coco. This was a trying outing for me, because I didn’t like the promo posters for the movie. Call me crazy, but I often judge a book by its cover. However, she insisted that this was the movie we needed to see.

So, it took me a whole two weeks, but I finally decided we would see the movie at the local drive in theater. I was a bit reluctant to stay for the movie, even after I paid for admittance, because the drive in theatre was cold, dark, and quite frankly, I was tired. But, I had made a promise to her, and a promise is a promise.

Once my mind was wrapped fully around the concept that it was time to pay the piper, I settled in for the long haul. I usually read up a little on the movies I pay to watch, but not this time. Needless to say because I hadn’t taken the time to read up on the movie, I had no good expectations. But when I tell you that I was pleasantly surprised; boy, was I surprised.

The movie was entertaining from start to finish. I enjoyed the music and especially the themes that were showcased in the film.  Although the film was based on the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead, I was able to assimilate with a few of the ideas presented in the film as it relates to my Christian faith.

Screenwriters’ Adrian Molina and Matthew Aldrich did a great job of placing universal truths throughout the movie that resonated with me in regards to what I believe happens after death. I was amazed at the manner in which the film eluded to the afterlife and what kept you in and out of the “party”.

Some of the lessons I learned can be tied in biblically and others cannot. I can not say enough how much of an impression Coco made on me. I was reminded of my faith, what I need to do less of, and also what I need to do more of. These are the ideas that kept dancing in my head throughout the show:

  • Cartoons aren’t just for kids. Because they’re animated and come from Pixar or Disney says very little. Cartoons from The Lion King, (my all time favorite), to Coco, give adults a little something to think about.


  • Harboring unforgiveness can leave you outside of heaven. In the movie, Imelda, mother of Coco, wasn’t able to cross over the golden bridge, which was paved in gold. She still had a lot of animosity towards her husband, Hector.


  • Friends, how many of us have them? Ernesto, Hector’s good friend, poisoned him because of his quest for fame. Hector, trusted him, and Ernesto all along was hiding his envy and jealousy of Hector’s talents and abilities.


  • People always live on in the memories that we keep of them. Death is not a bad thing, but rather a part of our life cycle. Keeping loved ones alive through photos, conversations, and memories are a must!!!


This movie is a must see for everyone, child and adult. The Latin music was enjoyable and the animation was also on point. I will purchase the DVD as soon as it releases. Coco was good cinema.


Forgiveness is a central theme in my book, Tha Bottom Line. The main characters find their selves constantly in a state of uncertainty when dealing with relationships, careers, and family. You can check it out below.


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