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Tha Bottom Line

A Steamy Novel of Love, Desire, Success- and What Happens When Relationships Collide Skye is a successful and sexy African American woman whose days consist of business deals and sultry lovemaking with her beau, Trevor. Her sister, Bethany, is married to a thriving dentist, but her heart still pines for the hunky blue-collar Donald. Their mother, Alice, is catching the eye of the eligible Dr. Bradford. If that sounds like at to keep straight, wait till you meet Pete and Sylvester- two studs whose sexy past will bring this group together in a way no one could have predicted.

Now, all of them are about to find out how their intertwined love lives could change their lives for good. Tha Bottom Line follows the twists and turns of this smart and savvy group of African Americans living in Southern California. It’s a world driven by business, the thirst for success, and - above all - desire.

But when one man’s mistake shows its consequences years later, this group’s tight connections could unravel everything they’ve worked so hard to build. The result is a fast – paced, emotional, and provocative ride that will leave you guessing what will happen next – and in whose bed each man and woman will end up. This steamy and no-holds-barred look at contemporary love and relationships is by turns arousing, exhilarating and moving.

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